Executive Coaching

Today’s leadership development is about more than receiving content.  Loyola believes that a key component to executive business education is helping students become effective, intellectually nimble leaders via a multi-faceted learning approach that complements in-class lectures and case study discussion.

As part of our Executive Coaching approach, students will receive

  • In depth analysis of your primary leadership style, and how you would be likely to react in specific team, management or leadership situations.  
  • Guidance on effective team building and managing team dynamics.  You will learn more about yourself, others and how to manage team relationships incorporating a variety of leadership approaches where interpersonal relations are involved. 
  • Career Focus Sessions designed to assist you in assessing the risks and opportunities inherent in making a career change or entering a new industry.
  • Cross-cohort networking opportunities to expand your opportunities to connect with other students across all cohorts.
Executive Coaching at Loyola enhances and enriches the four primary learning aims of the Executive MBA program: Leadership/Teamwork, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Integrated Knowledge of Business in a Global Environment, and Reflection, Analysis, Decision Making and Technology.

This program helped me leap into a CEO role for a business in a turn-around situation, and turn around it did!

-Eric Neal '09

After my MBA, I started my own IT consulting business which is now close to $1M in less than two years.

-Nitin Agarwal '09

My experience thus far has been unbelievably enlightening. I have B.S. in Electronics Engineering and this program in one year has nearly provided as much use as my four years earning my engineering degree.

-Nick Holbrook '17

Loyola helped me become a confident, qualified business leader well prepared for future growth, new challenges, and an ethical business victory.

-Dan Phillips '12

Not only have I gained a lot of educational knowledge but I feel I have gained lifetime friends and built a camaraderie with the entire cohort. The opportunities arising from networking and the connections formed are a benefit that is hard to put on paper.

-Nick Holbrook '17

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