General FAQs

Do I have a specific Advisor?

Students work closely with a program advisor upon acceptance into any graduate business program. Advisors can be reached at (410) 617-5067 or at mba@loyola.edu.

What online technology will I need to use?

Inside Loyola is the portal used to access all Loyola online services. Here you can access Loyola news, email, Web Advisor, and Moodle. Web Advisor is the administrative system used for registration, reviewing degree audits, making payments, checking grades, etc. Moodle is Loyola’s course management system and is used to communicate course materials from professors via the My Classes section of your Inside Loyola.

Who can help me with problems with access to email & Moodle or trouble with logging in?

Office of Technology Services (OTS): 410-617-5555

What is my ID number? And do I need an ID Card?

Your 7 digit ID number can be found on your student ID card, at the top of your academic program plan, and in the information provided by OTS. ID Cards are free and can be obtained in the front office in Timonium and Columbia after a student has registered for a class. The card gives you 24/7 building access and access to the online library system.

Registration Questions

What is the registration process?

Students can register through the WebAdvisor (via Inside Loyola) system during the online registration period, or anytime by submitting a paper registration form found at the Columbia or Timonium campus’s front desk. Students are encouraged to register early.

How can I access the course schedule?

To access course offerings and schedule:
  1. Log in to your Inside Loyola home page using your username and password. 
  2. Go to the Web Advisor block and select Search for Sections. 
  3. Click on “Choose Current Term”, and then select a “Subject” (“GB” for MBA or “FI” for MSF). 
  4. To see the entire schedule with Columbia and Timonium on one list, go directly to SUBMIT. To sort by location: select Columbia or Timonium then SUBMIT 
  5. To review course descriptions and prerequisites, put the cursor over the course title and click.

How do I select my courses?

Your academic program plan is your guide to selecting your courses each semester. Please consult the course descriptions to ensure you have met the prerequisites. Course descriptions can be found in WebAdvisor (via Inside Loyola) under Search for Sections (the subject is “Graduate Business”). To see both Columbia and Timonium on one list, go directly to “SUBMIT”. To detail in on the course, put the cursor over the course title and click.

How will I know I am registered?

Check WebAdvisor and Moodle (via Inside Loyola) . In WebAdvisor, you will see the courses listed in the Academic Profile section once you sign into your “Current Students Menu.” In Moodle, check the section for “My Classes.”

How do I make a change to my schedule or drop/add a course?

During the open online registration period you can drop or add a course through WebAdvisor (via Inside Loyola) . If the online registration is closed, contact the graduate business programs office at pmba@loyola.edu or 410-617-5067.

Course Questions

Where can I find textbook information?

Textbook listings and bookstore hours of operation can be found at the Loyola University Maryland Official Bookstore, or you can call either the Columbia (410-617-7622) or Timonium (410-617-1970) Campus bookstores.

Where can I find the email address for a professor or staff member?

Go to Inside Loyola and select the Directory link in the upper right corner box, above the Search box.

What is the “Global” MBA elective requirement?

The MBA program requires four electives (12 credits). One of the four electives must have “Global” or “International” in the title (this does not apply to Accounting concentrators). The international business specialization courses meet the global requirement and are good references for this elective.

How does the final class work?

709/710: Business Strategy and the Capstone Workshop must be taken in your last six credits and all core courses (700 through 705) must be completed (typically they are taken in the last semester). Think about GB709 and 710 as one class on your schedule. The week after GB709 ends, on the same night, the same students and the same professor come back for GB710 (a reflection workshop). Be sure to register for both classes. There is no charge or degree credit associated with GB710.

Payment Questions

How do I make my tuition payment?

Tuition for new students beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year (Summer 2017, Fall 2017 or Spring 2018) is $950 per credit; the registration fee is $25. Methods of payment include: check, credit card, federal or private loans, or payment plans. For credit card payments, the university accepts MasterCard, American Express & Discover (there is a 2.5% convenience fee for credit card payments). If you are interested in payment plans, they are administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS) and are available for the Spring and Fall Semesters. Additional payment plan information can be found at www.afford.com/loyolagrad.

Where can I find information on loans?

Please contact the financial aid department

How do I get a payment receipt?

Official receipts can be printed through WebAdvisor (via Inside Loyola). For any additional account/payment questions, please contact the Student Administrative Services office at 410-617-5806

Communication Questions

How will I receive ongoing communications from Loyola?

Email messages announcing upcoming events, information, etc., are sent to your loyola.edu address. If you have forwarded your loyola.edu mail to your work or home email, be sure the messages are able to get through any firewalls/ spam blockers. Professors may post information on Moodle prior to the start of the class, so be sure to monitor this.

What types of networking events are offered?

Throughout the year, the Graduate Business Programs hosts speaker events, happy hours, mini advising sessions, etc.. It is important to stay involved, as this will help you to experience the most from your program. All events will be communicated to students via your Loyola email, and placed on our Moodle calendar.