As a Loyola graduate business degree student, you will have an individual academic plan, reflecting your foundation course waivers and requirements, required core courses and electives within your specialization.  

The program curriculum, format and schedule of courses are designed to provide flexibility for a range of working professionals. We work with all students to effectively plan the best possible degree program path suited to their goals as well as work, family and other commitments.

To advise students on the overall program and options each semester, we:

  • Develop your academic program plan and review it with you as a new student
  • Get to know you, your goals and professional interests
  • Review the course schedule each semester and make suggestions
  • Discuss which electives would likely be a good fit with your professional interests and goals
  • Review your progress, determine degree completion timing and map out the remaining semesters

To advise students in special situations, we:

  • Review the Loyola policies which direct academic actions
  • Direct students to faculty and other Loyola resources
  • Manage the Jesuit graduate business degree network transfer agreements for students relocating before completing the Loyola degree
  • Advise on the alternatives and possible consequences of academic decisions such as course withdrawals, leave of absence, and program withdrawal

To foster open communication with students, we:

  • Share information on program features, changes, policies and events
  • Listen to student feedback on courses and the program and follow up accordingly
From new student admission to graduation, we are committed to your success as you navigate your way through the program. We encourage you to consult regularly with an advisor to ensure proper course selection and to have your program questions answered. And we wish you much success in the program.