MBA Information Systems

Loyola's MBA specialization in information systems allows students to focus in this broad functional area through consultation with faculty. An MBA information systems elective sequence may be developed for areas such as software application or knowledge management and decision making.

MBA Specialization in Information Systems: Curriculum & Course Information

The Professional's MBA Information Systems specialization requires students to complete three elective courses (9 credits) at the upper level. Select from the following courses:

  • GB 719 - Independent Study
  • GB 730 - Business Analytics and Strategic Decision Making
  • GB 732 - Data Management and Governance
  • GB 733 - Enterprise Systems
  • GB 734 - Managing Global Supply Chains
  • GB 735 - Project Management
  • GB 736 - Data Visualization for Decision Making
  • GB 750 - Security Controls and Prevention Strategies
  • GB 751 - Strategic Security Planning
  • GB 753 - Legal, Ethical, and Global Perspectives of Cyber Security
  • GB 754 - Introduction to Cyber Security Strategy
  • GB 757 - Systems Thinking and Risk Assessment
  • GB 759 - Special Topics in Management Information Systems
  • GB 850 - Global Information Systems
  • GB 851 - Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Special topics courses are also available for the information systems specialization that are not listed specifically in the course catalogue. Information systems special topics courses are updated by academic year or term to discuss contemporary issues in the field and to meet the needs and requests of students.

MBA Specializations

In addition to Information Systems, our Professional’s MBA program can be customized for seven other specializations:

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