International Business

We live in an increasingly international and interdependent world, where business decisions and conditions in one part of the global village can have profound effects on another part. World trade and foreign investment are both growing faster than the world economy. Moreover, certain parts of the world are growing much faster than the United States. Many new opportunities are becoming available around the world, from Europe to the Pacific Rim, from Latin America to Africa, and from the Middle East to Asia and the post-communist countries. These dynamic new opportunities and challenges are open to individuals who are prepared to take advantage of them.

The B.B.A. international business concentration is offered by the Sellinger School of Business and Management in cooperation with the Loyola College of Arts and Sciences. This concentration was created in acknowledgement of the fact that the successful international manager must have a background that incorporates management with political, cultural, and linguistic skills. It provides an opportunity for students to understand the importance of international business to the U.S. economy, to develop analytical skills for reviewing the international environment of business, to learn about the cultural differences between American and foreign ways of conducting business, and to become familiar with the international dimensions of managerial functions such as marketing, accounting, taxation, financial and personnel management, the legal environment, and international corporate strategy.

International business students are encouraged to consider studying abroad during their junior year. Loyola’s program offers many options. Furthermore, the department sponsors courses that meet on the main campus during the regular semester and culminate with an international field study. During the past academic year, two international field studies were offered focusing respectively on South America and Northern Europe.

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