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How will an MBA help my career?

An MBA has the potential to boost your career in multiple ways. It develops leadership and practical knowledge that can be applied across multiple platforms. It prepares you to succeed in business by developing the skills employers most value. For example, the Sellinger School’s part-time MBA learning aims include effective communication, analytical and critical thinking, ethical leadership, and integration of functional area content. Because of this skillset, MBA jobs offer higher salaries. According to MastersPortal, the average salary for MBA jobs ranges from $70,000 to $120,000 – almost double the range of a regular university degree.

MBA benefits include more employment opportunities. MBA career paths span all industries. As detailed by Susannah Snider in U.S. News, MBA jobs can be found in the traditional business professions such as marketing and human resources and in the expanding technology and health care fields. Demand for MBAs has increased across all industries and is continuing to grow, according to a June 2016 global report by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Specifically, 88 percent of corporate recruiters working with graduate business schools plan to hire recent MBA graduates – an 8 percent increase from 2015, and a 33 percent increase from 2010. A recent Monster article also conducted interviews with recent MBA graduates, revealing how their degrees improved their interpersonal skills and credibility in employers' eyes.

The MBA experience also offers networking opportunities with other professionals, businesses and experts at the highest level. These relationships continue throughout your MBA career and into the future. When discussing their MBA success stories, Sellinger School students and alumni agree these MBA benefits have lasting impact. High levels of satisfaction for graduates across all MBA programs have been reported on by Poets and Quants in September 2016.

Are you considering an MBA program? The Sellinger School offers comprehensive part-time, full-time, and Executive MBA programs to help you develop the expertise you need to get to the next level of your career.