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MBA Advantages: Full-time MBA Programs

Full-time MBA programs offer many advantages, including heavier class loads that let students focus all their energy on pursuing an MBA in a shorter period of time. As a full-time student, you have the luxury of immersing yourself in your studies without the stress of balancing work and school.

Full-time MBA programs, such as the one-year Sellinger School of Business Emerging Leaders MBA, typically attract younger students who are recent graduates or in the early stages of their career with two-to-six years of career experience. These students tend to have fewer responsibilities and more free time. Students in full-time MBA degree programs spend time together, both in and out of class, learning from each other and building lifelong relationships. 

The student populations in full-time MBA programs tend to be more competitive and diverse student. Full-time students are also sought after. According to Poets & Quants, 90 percent of all scholarships and fellowships are granted to full-time students.

Full-time programs also offer many clubs and extracurricular activities with more opportunities for students to connect, bond and develop lasting relationships, and they generally benefit from greater on-campus career recruiting efforts. Full-time MBA degree programs usually have heavier academic loads, and the MBA courses allow you to fully immerse yourself in the academic experience. Internships and opportunities to gain valuable experience are built into the program. The intensity of a full-time MBA program provides the kind of background that career changers and those with less business experience need in order to advance in their careers.

In summary, full-time MBA programs provide a great range of experiences and opportunities to develop strong networks, and these advantages are especially important if you have limited business experience.

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