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Q&A with Adam Peake, Executive in Residence of Marketing

Before becoming Executive in Residence of Marketing, Adam Peake served as executive vice president of sport category management at Under Armour. He has previously held leadership roles in global marketing and sales for Under Armour and has played a key role in the brand’s global growth and business development during his 15 years with the sports and lifestyle brand.
Peake, who graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Maryland and later earned an MBA from Wake Forest University, joined Loyola’s faculty as an affiliate professor in 2016. He teaches Marketing Strategy courses for both undergraduate and graduate (Emerging Leaders MBA) students at Loyola, and he recently spoke to Loyola magazine about his role.

What does it mean to be Executive in Residence, and what do you feel you bring to that role?

I am really enjoying the role and being here at Loyola. I bring my experiences and a passion to drive discussion and conversation. I don’t like to think of the courses I teach as “my classes;” I am here to teach and inspire curiosity, but the students make the class “go.” I place a great deal of emphasis on class participation and engagement.

Briefly describe your background and career path prior to joining Loyola.

I have had the opportunity to work for some great brands over the years—from an internship with Smartfood popcorn, to various sales and marketing roles with Coca-Cola, Starter Sportswear (yes, those Starter jackets that everybody had to have in the 90’s) and Reebok, to working for a high-energy and inspiring brand like Under Armour. I had just completed my MBA from Wake Forest University prior to joining Under Armour. Everything I had read about and studied in business school was coming to life at Under Armour, and it proved to be an incredible experience and opportunity.

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