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What is the value of an MBA?

Are you trying to decide whether or not to pursue an MBA degree? Earning an MBA is a substantial investment, and determining the value of an MBA is one of the first steps in a student’s process.

Full-time Loyola MBA students participate in First Friday class at Morgan StanleyIt’s important to first have a firm grasp on your future career goals. If you want to enter the business world, start your own business, or serve in management and leadership positions within your industry, then you will benefit immensely from the broad business background an MBA degree delivers. According to Business Insider, an MBA is almost essential to have in terms of being in a leadership position. An MBA degree will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of business along with valuable leadership, collaboration and analytical skills. The article taps top HR recruiters, CEOs and startup innovators, who offer multiple views on value, depending on experience and situation.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) regularly presents findings on how business school graduates rate their experience during and after school, and their research reveals business school alumni value their degrees. In a survey of more than 14,651 business school alumni worldwide, GMAC’s 2017 report shows that 95 percent of graduates from one year MBA programs and 96 percent of graduates from part time MBA programs regard their MBA degree as a good, excellent or outstanding value. Additionally, 94 percent found their MBA personally rewarding, and 90 percent of full-time one-year graduates and 89 percent of part-time graduates rated their MBA experience as professionally rewarding.

In addition to finding a program that supports your career goals, you want to find one that is a good value financially. The Sellinger School of Business offers both a one year MBA program and a part time MBA program that earn high marks for return on investment and prestige. The Emerging Leaders MBA, Sellinger’s full-time one-year MBA degree program, offers an all-inclusive tuition for domestic and international field studies as well as other activities, including internships. The Sellinger School also offers the Professional’s MBA, which is a part-time MBA degree program working professionals and those looking to pursue an MBA at their own pace. Part-time MBA students have the flexibility to manage tuition over a longer period of time along with the opportunity to immediately apply their newfound skills on the job.

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