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Introduction to Business Management

An introduction to business management explores a range of topics that provide a foundation for understanding the functional areas of business and how they contribute to the management of a company. An introduction to business management will help you develop an understanding of how good managers create and maintain efficiency through strategy, organizing, accomplishing goals, minimizing risks and taking advantage of opportunities. A basic business management introduction course covers managerial roles, including how a manager leads and utilizes critical thinking and negotiation skills. It identifies vital management skills and outlines management principles, according to Study.com. If you are considering a career in business, an introduction to business management will also present a range of potential employment options and may be helpful in narrowing your focus to specific jobs and roles within an organization.

While a basic business management introduction course is useful, if you are committed to a career in business and aspire to more senior managerial roles, you would benefit from expanding your knowledge of business management and administration. Skilled managers are key to an organization’s success, and for this reason, organizations seek people with strong managerial backgrounds and skillsets, such as MBA graduates. According to GMAC’s 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey of 959 employers from more than 628 companies, nearly nine out of 10 employers reported they planned to hire MBA graduates in the coming year. Having an in-depth understanding of business management and administration can be advantageous for entrepreneurs, business owners, people who run or aspire to run a business and those interested in obtaining C-level executive positions as well as many other professionals.

The Sellinger School of Business offers a variety of comprehensive business graduate programs, including the Professional’s MBA, a flexible part-time MBA program for working professionals interested in pursuing an MBA at their own pace. Sellinger also offers executive education programs for working professionals at different stages in their careers who are looking to enhance their leadership potential.