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Why should I apply to business school?

Deciding to go to business school may be easy for those with a clear career path, but many prospective students go back and forth before committing to a program. Is it worth the monetary investment? Is it worth the time? How will it help further my career? These are some of the questions that may come up as you consider whether to apply to business school.

While some people decide to submit a business school application after a few years of working, others apply to business school immediately after completing their undergrad degree. US News suggests taking the leap from college into an MBA program shows drive and motivation that can be beneficial during the business school admissions process. Additionally, an MBA program exposes students to work opportunities that will be useful post-graduation.

Waiting to apply to business school is another alternative, but students who work before pursuing their MBA often experience more apprehension as they deliberate over the decision to submit a business school application. Poets and Quants details excerpts of blogger Mango’s experience weighing the pros and cons of business school. Mango contemplated going to business school after working for a few years, and had to consider a variety of factors: how the degree would help her career, the impact it would have on her financial situation and how it would affect her employment status. Many business schools, including Sellinger, offer a variety of business graduate programs that enable students to earn an MBA on their terms, with less financial hardship and without leaving a position with a promising employer.

Mango ultimately decided to take the plunge after visiting her prospective school and realizing that “no matter what, an MBA will open up doors.” Earning an MBA develops a skillset that will be an asset in any future career.

Seeing a school in action is often the best way to determine whether applying to business school is right for you. Sellinger offers its prospective students the opportunity to attend information sessions that provide an in-depth look at life as a Sellinger student. Making the decision to go to business school can be a big commitment, but it is one that will pay off ten-fold.