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What is the Emerging Leaders MBA Program?

The Sellinger School of Business’ Emerging Leaders MBA (ELMBA) is a one-year, full-time MBA program geared toward recent college graduates, early career professionals and career-transitioning professionals. “A one-year MBA is a wise choice based on the current economic climate and the job market,” says Kelly Fader, director of graduate cohort programs at the Sellinger School of Business. 

In a constantly changing and competitive market for MBA jobs, a one-year MBA program allows students to complete their degrees in a more condensed period at a better price point and enables them to enter the work force earlier in their careers. “With a one-year MBA, graduates get the education they need and quickly transition into MBA jobs to get a more immediate return on their investment,” says Fader.

“Our ELMBA program is intense and fast-paced. It’s a great program in terms of blending experience and education,” says Fader. It appeals to people interested in a full-time MBA because it offers a 48-credit MBA curriculum along with a 150-hour internship and both domestic and international learning opportunities, and the MBA admissions requirements mirror those of most full-time programs. 

Sellinger’s full-time MBA curriculum includes core courses that touch on different functional areas of business. Its MBA learning aims are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to become business leaders. The Emerging Leaders MBA curriculum provides broad exposure to different industries and functional areas and allows for customization through research projects and internships. It is career-focused and offers extensive opportunities for experiential learning. Students are able to use their Emerging Leaders MBA as a steppingstone to a full-time career or their next career move. 

Sellinger offers a smaller and more intimate environment for obtaining an MBA, and there are many benefits to pursuing an MBA in Maryland. “A major advantage of the Loyola MBA is the close-knit, very supportive Baltimore network, and it easily expands to Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia and the major metropolitan areas of the northeast,” explains Fader. 

Sellinger’s alumni are part of an elite network of more than 20,000 professionals who earned their MBA in Maryland. They are deeply loyal and willing to help each other. “We are relatively small, but our world-class faculty has wide reach and come from every part of the globe. As a result, we attract a diverse student body,” says Fader. To learn more about Sellinger’s ELMBA program, take a look at the Emerging Leaders MBA success stories, and see how alumni reflect on their experience.