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Michael Runnels, Ph.D., published by the American Bar Association

Michael Runnels, Ph.D., associate professor of law and social responsibility, co-authored a book chapter that was recently published in "The Lawyer's Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook: Practical Guidance for Corporate Counsel and Law Firms," a publication by the American Bar Association.

"The corporation, which is the dominant social institution of our time, has the manifest ability to impact the public good, for either good or ill, on a global scale," said Runnels. "Given this singular ability, stakeholder engagement seeks to engage the corporation in a language that it increasingly understands – that of a stakeholder. My co-authored book chapter, 'Stakeholder Engagement,' arose from both my scholarship regarding CSR, and participation in stakeholder engagement dialogues as an advisor to the Jesuit Committee on Investment Responsibility, an organization that advocates for ethical corporate citizenship worldwide."