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A Note from Dean Getz

Values-Based Leadership in Difficult Times

In these turbulent times, we have to think differently about almost everything – and yet we must also be sure that all that we do is grounded in our fundamental values. The coronavirus pandemic has required all of us – universities, businesses, non-profits – to take unprecedented actions to protect the health and safety of our community. Amid this urgency, it might be easy to overlook those principles which guide us in calmer times. 
The Sellinger School of Business and Management is guided by the idea of building a better world through business, an idea consistent with the Jesuit tradition of strong ethical leadership, social responsibility, and a global perspective. We bring this message to life as we adapt our coursework – not just with online delivery, but also with discussions of businesses’ responsibilities and opportunities in these troubling times. We are encouraging our students to consider the kind of leaders they will become and to reflect on how they will use their leadership positions to assure that their organizations contribute to both prosperity and justice. Our faculty are engaging with the public through multiple media appearances – offering guidance and expertise around a wide array of issues arising from the pandemic – from the psychology of consumer hoarding to financial market uncertainty to leading a teleworkforce and more. As we are able, we are engaging with struggling businesses to support the good that they do for their communities.
All of us at Sellinger – faculty and staff alike – are thinking of our students, alumni and friends during this crisis. We hope you are well. Please continue to protect yourself, your family, and your community. Thank you for being a member of our Loyola community.


Kathleen Getz, Ph.D., Dean, Sellinger School of Business and Management