General Business

The Sellinger School provides undergraduate education grounded in the liberal arts tradition, centered in Jesuit core values, enhanced by management education/knowledge and incorporating experiential learning. We believe that a well-balanced education emphasizing clear thinking, effective expression and ethical reflection is crucial in preparing our students to meet the unique challenges of today’s global economy.

Loyola offers business majors in accounting, and business administration. Within business administration, you can concentrate in business economics, finance, general business, international business, management, information systems, or marketing.

Choosing a Major

A faculty member is assigned as a mentor to advise the student in selecting a major. While all business students must take a number of prerequisites in the first two years, selection of a particular major and concentration within the business school is not required until the junior year. The major provides a foundation in general business principles, while the concentration develops more acute skills and in-depth knowledge in one subject.