Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

The curriculum and instruction degree is a 33-credit-hour program that consists of the curriculum and instruction core, an education specialization, and a capstone thesis seminar.

Classes are offered at Loyola’s graduate centers in Columbia or Timonium in the fall, spring, and summers, making the program highly flexible and accessible. Curriculum and instruction also offers a personalized and strong advising system, providing students with consistent faculty access and consultation. The core program is offered in a cohort format; that is, the entire sequence of courses is offered to a group of participants that begins and remains together until the completion of the core. Students will be part of a group for the duration of the core and will be able to share similar educational goals, network with colleagues from other school systems, and study together.

The curriculum and instruction program may be taken full-time (to be completed in 18 months) or part-time (to be completed in 2-5 years).

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction consists of eight core classes, an Education Specialization, and a Capstone Thesis Seminar. The Capstone Seminar is the final course in the program. In this course, students will analyze data from the targeted study designed in a course titled, Teacher Inquiry and Research. Concepts applied from other coursework will be incorporated into their interpretation of findings. As a final product, students will complete a capstone paper.

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