Master of Education in Literacy - Reading Specialist Program

Loyola's graduate programs in literacy education emphasize a strong foundation in reading and the development of leadership skills. In this program, you will prepare not only to meet the needs of struggling readers, but also to assume leadership positions within your school. The programs emphasize a strong theoretical understanding of the reading process as well as practical application with K-12 students.

Coursework employs research-based practices that directly address the literacy needs of struggling students in the 21st century. Throughout the program, courses are supported by hands-on experience. You will participate in a culminating summer practicum where you will work intensely with individual students and their parents. You will conduct full diagnostic assessments, prepare individualized instructional programs, work with students based on the individual programs, evaluate the effects of the instruction, and write complete case studies for each student.

Loyola's graduate programs in reading prepare you to assess, diagnose, and instruct K-12 students as well as provide leadership to other school professionals and parents. The program consists of a comprehensive 39-credit course of study that has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and satisfies academic requirements for reading specialist certification.

This 39-credit program is designed for the certified teacher who wishes to be certified by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) as a Reading Specialist.  (NOTE:  The MSDE requires three years of classroom experience to be certified as a reading specialist.)  In order to receive the MSDE certification in Reading Specialist, you must first be certified in another area by MSDE.  If you are not currently certified in Maryland, you will need to show certification from another state and demonstrate that you will receive certification in Maryland no later than six months after entering the program. 

Program Format

Loyola's graduate programs in education offer students numerous program offerings to suit the varying needs of full-time working professionals as well as individuals who want to pursue their degree on the fastest track possible. The literacy education program may be taken full-time (to be completed in 18-24 months) or part-time (to be completed in 2-5 years).

Those who pursue full-time enrollment options are expected to dedicate their time to the fast-paced schedules of a demanding and rigorous courseload. Part-time options offer a self-paced opportunity to complete requirements over a longer period of time with courses delivered at times of the day that are convenient to full-time work schedules.


  • RE 510: Foundations of Reading
  • RE 523: Emergent Literacy Development
  • RE 531: Youth and Adolescent Literacy


  • RE 601: Media Literacy Education
  • RE 609: Content Area Literacy
  • RE 622: Children's and Adolescent Literature
  • RE 670: Teacher Research and Inquiry


  • RE 737: Literacy Assessments in Group Contexts
  • RE 739: Literacy Assessments of Individuals
  • RE 740: Role of the Reading Specialist
  • RE 770: Literacy Education Seminar
  • RE 756: School Year Practicum in Literacy I


  • RE 757: School Year Practicum in Literacy II


  • RE 758: Summer Practicum in Literacy

Literacy Center Scholars Program

The Scholars Program is part of the Reading Master’s Program at Loyola. The Scholars Program offers thorough literacy assessment and instructional services for students in grades 1-12. It also provides guidance for parents to support their children’s literacy development at home. Reading specialist candidates meet with individual students for 20 sessions either during a concentrated summer session of approximately five weeks or on Saturdays during the school year from October to May.

The Scholars Program serves as professional preparation for candidates who are completing their M.Ed. as a reading specialist. Reading specialist candidates are certified teachers who work under the supervision of the Loyola Reading Faculty. The reading specialist master’s program is nationally recognized by the International Reading Association.

The Scholars Program serves families in the greater Baltimore area. All students in grades 1-12 may apply although priority may be given to struggling students or those considered at risk. Some scholarships are available. For information, please contact Dana Reinhardt at 410-617-1252 or