M.Ed. in Elementary Montessori Education (ages 6-12)

Montessori studentsThe M.Ed. in Elementary Montessori education (ages 6-12) consists of 36 graduate credits plus oral comprehensive examinations. The coursework is divided into two parts. The Montessori training is a nine-month program that fulfills the requirements for the AMI diploma. This course of study is given 27 credit hours.

The education core courses are designed to broaden the students knowledge of research and trends in the field of education. These courses total nine credits hours and are listed with the ED or SE course key.

Montessori Training

The Montessori education elementary training course offered by the Washington Montessori Institute is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and in addition to Dr. Montessori's theory of human development, it encompasses the liberals arts art, biology, geography, history, language, mathematics (arithmetic, geometry, algebra), music and physical education. The presentation of the program is rooted in storytelling and ever broadening lessons conveying to the child a wealth of knowledge about the universe, world, country and community.

In particular, language studies include a study of grammar as an underpinning for interpretive reading, clear writing and logical speaking. Mathematics studies include conceptual development, interpretation and the development of skills necessary for accurate problem solving. Music and art are approached from the child's fundamental desire to communicate in other than their native spoken and written language. Sciences particularly address the development of the elementary child's reasoning mind, in that the study of science answers their questions and allows the child to observe, form hypotheses, experiment and draw conclusions. History is a centralizing study, containing all that human beings have pondered, studied and passed down to their descendents. Physical fitness is a vehicle through which the child is led to realize the importance of a healthy body so that the mind can flourish.

The program for preparing the Montessori teacher presents key points for bringing this integrated education to the elementary child. In addition, classroom management consistent with the stage of development is covered theoretically and practically through observation and practice teaching in Montessori classrooms.

A prerequisite course is required for those students electing the elementary specialization who do not hold an AMI Primary diploma. This course is designed to give an overview for the primary curriculum which forms the basis of the curriculum at the elementary level. The prerequisite course does not certify the student to teach in a primary classroom nor is any diploma granted for this course. This course is not part of the credit hour requirements for the M.Ed. degree program.

Educational Core Courses

After completing the AMI Montessori courses, students take the additional nine credits which comprise the educational core. The three core courses are offered in a special intensive summer session, and students must complete two independent study papers as part of ED625-Advanced Studies in Education.

Students have the option of taking the three education core courses in any combination during the regular course schedule. All core courses must be completed within four semesters following completion of the Montessori training core.

Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)

For applicants who already hold a M.Ed., a Certificate of Advanced Study is offered. Learn more about the estimated costs, related standard occupations, and normal completion time for the CAS in Montessori Education.