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Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in Engineering

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Many engineering professors at Loyola have on-going research activities in their respective fields of expertise. This allows them to integrate the latest technological findings into the classrooms, ensuring that students have access to state-of-the-art materials and methods. As our school’s focus is on undergraduate education, all of the facilities and laboratories in our department are available to our students for teaching and research purposes. Professors often involve their students to assist with their research activities. Such opportunities are great preparation for our students as they are entering a rapidly advancing technology-based workforce. This is also great preparation for students who choose to pursue an advanced degree in a graduate program.

There are opportunities for undergraduate students to do research in our department through the Hauber Summer Research Fellowship and by doing an independent research study for course credit.

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Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Rob Bailey
  • Wayne Elban
  • Yanko Kranov
  • Rob Pond

Electrical and Computer Engineering