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Natural and Applied Sciences departments are pleased to announce the 2017 Hauber Research Fellows and Mentors, listed below along with the topics of research.  On behalf of the 2017 fellows and mentors, thank you to all who attended the presentations and supported this year's program!  Watch the 2017 presentations on YouTube.

2017 Hauber Research Presentations

Segmentation and Analysis of Handwritten Medieval Text for Automatic Indexing
Hauber Fellow: Nicole Schneider
Faculty Mentor: Roger Eastman, Computer Science, and Jeffrey Witt, Philosophy

Implementation and Testing of a Spatially Adaptive HVAC System
Hauber Fellow: Meghan Reynolds
Faculty Mentor: Robert Bailey, Engineering
Supported by Whiting Turner

Mobile Network Virtualization
Hauber Fellow: Dan Smith
Faculty Mentor: Sibren Isaacman, Computer Science
Supported by Booz Allen Hamilton

The Effects of Short Chain Fatty Acids on Colonic Motility
Hauber Fellow: Alexander Favreau
Faculty Mentor: Derek Kendig, Biology

Genetic Circuit Design
Hauber Fellow: Casey Rodriguez
Faculty Mentor: Glenn Kohne, Engineering

Black Tea’s influence on cytokine secretion
Hauber Fellow: Jayne Atkinson
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Thompson, Biology

Winning in the National Football League: Using Statistical Models to Find the Best Predictors
Hauber Fellow: John Fluck
Faculty Mentor: Richard Auer, Statistics

Analysis and recognition of transcribed text
Hauber Fellow: Yon Su Kim
Faculty Mentor: Roger Eastman, Computer Science, and Jeffrey Witt, Philosophy

A Dynamic Evaluation of Historical Co-Change for Software Change Impact Analysis
Hauber Fellow: Sydney Pugh
Faculty Mentor: Dave Binkley, Computer Science

Enzymatic Changes in the Small Intestine in Lactating Mice on Low-Protein Diets
Hauber Fellow: Stephanie Lieffrig & Christian Lopez Ashby
Faculty Mentor: Elissa Derrickson, Biology

Magnetic effects on neutrino masses
Hauber Fellow: Zach Metzler
Faculty Mentor: Andrea Erdas, Physics

Variations of the Chopsticks finger game
Hauber Fellow: Collin Habig
Faculty Mentor: Michael Knapp, Mathematics and Statistics

Assessing Air Quality in Urban and Greenspaces in Baltimore City/Emissions of 2 Cycle Engines
Hauber Fellows: Nicole D’Andrea and Thomas Howard
Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Dahl, Chemistry
Supported by Grace

Using Native Plants to Monitor Air Quality in Baltimore City
Kolvenbach Fellow: Michael Comer
Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Dahl, Chemistry


Program Summary

Each summer, a select group of highly motivated, talented undergraduates work side-by-side with faculty mentors from the six natural and applied science departments at Loyola to conduct research in the students' area of interest. A committee, comprised of department chairs and the associate dean, chooses students for the Hauber Research Fellowship program based on their application and strong academic performance. For many students, a Hauber Research Fellowship has been a stepping stone to campus and national awards (e.g., Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium, Goldwater Scholarship, Apker Award,) co-authors on presentations and/or manuscripts, and entry into professional or graduate school.  Hauber Research Fellows are also recognized for excellence in research accomplishment from the University during the annual Honors Convocation held on Family Weekend and are involved in a poster session during the Grand Seminar alumni event in the spring.

The program runs for 10 weeks in the summer. Students gain valuable experience while engaged in research in their discipline while faculty obtain assistance with their work and the pleasure of working directly with students. All Hauber Research Fellows gather together weekly for informative seminars regarding using library resources, research opportunities and writing successful presentations. The students then offer an overview of their research in a formal presentation which is open to students, faculty, staff and the greater Loyola community.  At the end of the program, each Hauber Research Fellow is required to submit a written report and participate in a poster symposium in the fall semester which provides the Loyola community with an opportunity to learn of their summer research. Depending on the outcome of their research, students are encouraged to submit their work for publication and a number of students have successfully published their work.  

The research fellowship carries a stipend of $5,000. (Summer housing available on campus). Hauber Fellows are also eligible to be Loyola Student Ambassadors for the Cosmos & Creation conference. This seminar series on science and religion will be held the second week of June 2017.

History of the Program

In the summer of 1988, Loyola began supporting the first group of Hauber Fellows to participate in faculty sponsored research in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematical sciences and engineering science. These fellowships were established in honor of Father Edward S. Hauber, S.J., who taught chemistry at Loyola from 1942-1966. While chairman of the chemistry department, Fr. Hauber obtained funds to support summer research for chemistry majors. After Fr. Hauber's death in 1985, it was decided that additional funds be solicited to support summer research in the other sciences as well. Through the contributions of graduates, faculty, students and friends, sufficient funds were obtained to support six students each summer. Additional students have been supported with funds from grants from agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Watch 2017 Presentations on YouTube Channel

Past Hauber Research Fellowship Programs


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