You likely know that the Jesuit philosophy is synonymous with academic excellence. You may also be familiar with the Jesuit commitment to cura personalis, educating and caring for the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. We strive to live up to the ideals set by St. Ignatius, and know they are integral to what Loyola has become.

Grounded in tradition. Educating for the future.

With our whole-person approach to education, you’ll have every opportunity to shine—from encouraging your academic and athletic talents to fostering your creative and spiritual development. Loyola attracts sincere and passionate students. Socially aware and ethical leaders. Thoughtful, curious, driven individuals anxious to pursue truth and enrich their lives. The kind of people you’d want to sit next to on a flight, chat up at a dinner party, or confer with in the boardroom.

Loyola has three schools: Loyola College, the University’s school of arts and sciences; School of Education; and the Sellinger School of Business and Management. Students take courses in at least two of these schools—sometimes all three.

The Core

The foundation for your well-lived life

The core curriculum at Loyola is the foundation for a rich and meaningful intellectual life. In the core, you’ll be exposed to critical knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. Loyola’s liberal arts foundation will help prepare you for your first job—and every one that comes after that. Liberal arts majors are marketable, flexible, and better prepared for the professions we know—and those we can’t even imagine in the future. Some topics will force you out of your comfort zone, but trust that it’s worth the process. You’ll develop lifelong habits of curiosity, honesty, persistence, and a passion for the pursuit of knowledge.

You may discover your calling, your purpose in life. And when the time comes to do something different for a living (research shows that it will), you’ll be ready.