The Outcomes of a Loyola Education

Many experts agree—and we concur—college is worth the investment. At Loyola, higher education is as much physical and spiritual as it is intellectual. Of course, Loyola prepares students for a rich and meaningful intellectual life, but they’re also equipped with a moral foundation and lifelong habits of curiosity, integrity, persistence, and passion to allow them to adapt and remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

Whether you want to explore the world, tap into connections around the globe, compete against the best and win, fuel your curiosity, or fight for justice and change lives, Loyola University Maryland offers you the education to lead you to a promising future.

See how a Loyola degree can launch your career—or take it to the next level…

Go forth and set the world on fire.

Infinitely adaptable and always in demand

The world is not static—and your career trajectory won’t be, either. At Loyola, you’ll build the foundations you need to become nimble and adaptable in an uncertain world. All of that hard work will pay off when you graduate with the core capacities to think quickly and creatively, find solutions to complex issues, collaborate effectively with diverse groups, and lead with morality and courage. You’ll be ready to launch an impressive first career—and march confidently into the next one.

Morally Grounded and ready to lead

There’s a simple but profound lesson you learn quickly at Loyola: You depend on other people, and other people depend on you. That may not seem like a bold revelation to you today, but trust us: It’s a singular individual who takes responsibility for their actions and holds themselves accountable for mistakes. Who strives to make decisions that are ethical and just. Who can always be trusted to show up, meet their obligations, and put forth their best effort.

Loyola graduates are those individuals. And once others recognize these uncommon and invaluable traits in you, they will want you by their side, on their team, and in their community.

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Eloquentia Perfecta: The secret to success.

Being able to think critically and communicate effectively will be integral to your success, no matter what career you choose. Many schools today fail to cultivate these skills in their students. A Loyola education is different: You’ll graduate knowing how to quickly identify the crux of any problem, formulate intelligent solutions, and explain your approach and reasoning with clarity and persuasion. You’ll find, very quickly, that having this skill is a huge predictor of success and advancement.