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Study Abroad

Global awareness is a hallmark of Jesuit education.

Exposure to diverse cultures and beliefs calls students to embrace different perspectives and experience unparalleled learning opportunities. Beyond Loyola, the world we live and work in—our global community—calls for students and graduates who have an international perspective. 

The experiences gained while learning and living abroad enrich students’ lives and differentiate them as graduates. Studying abroad influences students’ options, opportunities, and direction after graduation. Students return to Loyola having gained experience in discovering and tackling global challenges, which appeals to a range of employers and benefits any path or sector. 

A student jumping on a beach, seen from a cave
Student sitting and smiling on a camel in a desert
Students smiling for the camera on a grassy field overlooking the ocean
Silhouette of students on a bridge in front of a bright pink, purple, and yellow sunset
A student takes a photo with his cell phone on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean

Calling All Globetrotters

More than two-thirds of Greyhounds participate in our extensive international programs, which include study abroad programs for one semester, the whole year, or during the summer, in addition to study tours throughout the year with academic departments. Depending on the program, classes are taught in English or in the host country’s native language.

Loyola’s international student population hails from more than 55 countries. In addition to these full-time students, Loyola welcomes dozens of international exchange students from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, and Greece each year. 

60+ study abroad options in 30+ countries
70% of students have an international experience before they graduate
More than two-thirds of students study abroad during junior year