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Kansai Gaidai University-Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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Kansai Gaidai University is located in Hirakata City midway between Osaka, Japan’s "second" city and Kyoto. former Imperial capital of Japan.. The university is located in the cultural heart of Japan. Kansai Gaidai’s campus provides an excellent starting point from which to begin an exploration of  Japan's past, present and future.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Typically sophomores and juniors with a cumulative average of 3.0.
  • Students who can find courses which fit their Loyola academic program and allow full-time participation and who are neither on disciplinary probation nor have a history of serious disciplinary problems should apply.


  • Students participate in Kansai Gaidai University's Asian Studies program.
  • Consult the Office of International Programs as early as possible to get assistance on course selections at Loyola so that you are prepared for Kansai Gaidai;
  • This program is best designed for students who have a General Business, International Business, Social Science, Global Studies or Humanities major, but all students with a broad range of core and electives can apply
  • Courses will be taught in English
  • All students must take a Japanese language course while at Kansai Gaidai.

Disclaimer: In case of strikes or unexpected disruption to the academic semester Loyola University will work with the host university abroad to provide additional support or other academic arrangements to enable students to complete their coursework in agreement with the rules and regulations of the host university and the laws of the host country.  Loyola University Maryland will not makes any changes to its course, grade, or credit transfer policies following such circumstances.

Length of Stay

  • This program is offered in either the fall or spring semester or for the full academic year.
  • The fall program starts in late August and ends in mid-December. The spring program starts in mid-to-late January and ends in mid-May.


  • Housing is arranged in a dormitory setting with private room but shared kitchen and bathrooms.


  • Students are eligible for consideration for all forms of federal, state, institutional and private sources of aid, except the Federal Work-Study Program. Students studying abroad for a semester or full academic year will forfeit the value of a Federal Work-Study Assignment;
  • Students pay tuition to Loyola; and
  • Students will be responsible for all other expenses such as housing, and meals.


This exchange program offers:

  • Round trip airfare 
  • An independent study abroad experience
  • The opportunity for an immersion language experience
  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation
  • University trips at cost 

Application Requirements

  • Applications must be submitted  on December 6th 2023, by 11:59 p.m.  for the fall and spring term.
  • A brief essay and the course planning form must be completed.

Course Equivalencies

The course approvals and equivalencies provided are the most current for the Office of International Programs. Once accepted to a study abroad program, students will have an academic interview with the appropriate director and will be advised on their course selection.

Please be advised: All students are solely responsible for informing themselves about the status of these courses. Course approvals and equivalencies may change at a moments notice. This means you should confirm if the following courses are approved, or if the courses have been removed.

If there are other courses you desire to take, and they are not on the course equivalency list; you must get written course approval by the department chair. The courses that you choose should fit into your degree audit and enable you to graduate on time.

Apply to this Program

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Contact Us

Phone: 410-617-2910
Office: Humanities 132

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In order to apply, all students must attend a Study Abroad 101 session before the application deadline. The application deadline for all Fall, Spring, and year-long opportunities during academic year 2024-25 is December 6, 2023.

The deadline for opportunities taking place during academic year 2025-26 will be announced during the Spring 2024 semester.

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