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Travel Policy

OIP Travel Policy Regarding Special Requests and Reimbursements

The Office of International Programs (OIP) will consider changes in travel for students. OIP has the final authority to permit or deny changes in travel based on the safety of a student (and group), cost to the University, and the timing of a program. The following procedures must be followed when requesting changes in itinerary:

  • All requests must be made by the student, in writing (email) to the OIP.
    • Email should include:
      • Name
      • ID #
      • Current travel itinerary
      • Desired travel itinerary
      • Acknowledgement that you have read this policy
  • Loyola will consider special requests (changing a departure or return date) only if:
    • They do not affect the group fares received from Frosch Travel International.
    • The student arrives on the same day and before the main group arrives. (for departure changes)
    • For a change of departure location: if the student requests departing from another location that is more than 300 miles away from the airport used for the group departure
    • The new returning date is set after all exams abroad are completed as originally scheduled by the host university (student may not change their exams abroad to return early).
  • Requests will be considered on a first come first served basis based on the reception of the written request sent by the student (email).
  • If the special request is approved, the student agrees to pay all related additional costs (changing fee, difference between old and new airfares, etc.). The student will have to buy her or his own ticket first and Loyola will reimburse only up to what Loyola paid for a student traveling with the group. The student will have to send a receipt, and the name and address of the person who should be reimbursed, to the Office of International Programs.
  • Loyola does not reimburse expenses after the fact.  All requests for reimbursement have to be pre-approved in writing (email) by Loyola before the expense incurs.
  • Loyola will not reimburse additional costs nor be liable for delays or cessation in transportation services or by circumstances beyond their reasonable control including, but not limited to accidents, strikes, walkouts, civil strife, or other labor disturbances, weather, acts of God, public enemies, war or acts of any government authority.
  • If travel changes are approved, the student is not insured by the University until they begin their group travel. Travel prior to this is considered personal travel and the University will not be monitoring the safety conditions of the locations visited.

Please note, this policy applies to elected travel changes, not emergencies.  In the event of an emergency, the Office of International Programs will work directly with students and parents to coordinate travel.

For additional information, contact the Office of International Programs at 410-617-2910 or 410 617 2920.


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Phone: 410-617-2910
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In order to apply, all students must attend a Study Abroad 101 (Powerpoint) session before the application deadline. The application deadline for all Fall, Spring, and year-long opportunities during academic year 2024-25 is December 11, 2024.

The deadline for opportunities taking place during academic year 2025-26 will be announced during the Spring 2024 semester.

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