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Tips for Choosing a Program

Junior Year

Your junior year is an ideal time for you to go abroad. You will have already spent two years at Loyola University Maryland, giving you time to explore your major, grow academically and personally, and prepare for your career after graduation.

We have a special commitment to you and the university to promote international education on campus and abroad. By providing and offering study abroad programs throughout the world we are able to send over 60% of the junior class abroad.

Choosing the Right Program

When thinking about where you should go your junior year, you should ask yourself and reflect upon the following questions:

  • Why do I want to go abroad?
  • What are my goals? Are these goals reasonable? Are they achievable?
  • What do I hope to get out of this experience–personally, academically, spiritually?
  • What are my expectations?
  • What is the culture going to be like? The country? The people? What is this whole experience going to be like? What are some of the challenges I’m going to face? How will I manage those challenges?
  • What do I really know about this country I am going to–the language, culture, history, religion, traditions, philosophy, ways of thinking, social conventions, class structures, food, political realities, role of women, everyday life?
  • What are my support structures in the United States? What are the things that make life much more pleasant for me at home? What will I miss most when I leave? Who are the people I rely on at home? What are some ways I can keep in touch with them? What are my rituals (such as exercising, studying, relaxing, etc) and how will I react to the sudden changes in my rituals when I leave? What are some ways in which I can build new support structures while I study abroad?


Make sure you make an appointment with your major advisor about studying abroad before applying for a program. You should go over all of your options with your advisor prior to coming to the Office of International Programs. Your advisor will know where you are in your major, how many classes you have left to take, what courses should be taken, and in what sequence.

Consider saving your second core courses and electives (if you have any). By saving these courses, you’ll give yourself more options of where you can go abroad. However, keep in mind not all of our study abroad programs serve all the majors.

Information Sessions

Another great way to inform yourself on our programs and the courses that are available abroad is to go to our information sessions. We hold many information sessions each semester. You should check back on the our website for times, dates, and possible rescheduled sessions, as we post them regularly.

Also, in our office we have an information carousel where all of our programs are described on detailed information sheets. You’re invited to come by and pick up an information sheet on the desired program. You’re also welcome to come into the office and ask us questions about study abroad possibilities.

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Contact Us

Phone: 410-617-2910
Office: Humanities 132

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In order to apply, all students must attend a Study Abroad 101 session before the application deadline. The application deadline for all Fall, Spring, and year-long opportunities during academic year 2024-25 is December 6, 2023.

The deadline for opportunities taking place during academic year 2025-26 will be announced during the Spring 2024 semester.

Study Abroad 101