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Health Insurance Abroad

All Loyola students and faculty traveling outside of the United States on abroad programs sponsored by the University are covered under the Global Medical plan underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company.

Medical Plan Information

Please note that services or treatments not covered by the global medical plan are the responsibility of the person who incurs them.

Insurance and Student Safety Abroad

Your students' health and safety are of the highest concern to us. We require that all students remain covered under their domestic health insurance policies during their time abroad.

We also highly recommend that at least one parent has a valid passport in the case that there is an emergency and they have to travel abroad.

As a general rule, we recommend that students leave their valuables at home, but for some students, valuables may be covered under their parents’ homeowner’s insurance. Others may be covered through a local policy sponsored by Loyola. Students should find out whether they will be covered for theft or loss of valuables through a domestic or local insurance policy before traveling. 

As an insured under the Global Medical plan, travelers are eligible for global emergency and medical assistance services provided by AXA. These benefits are available to you as long as you are participating in a Loyola University Maryland sponsored Program. These services are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AXA offers the following key services:

  • Medical Assistance Services
  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Services
  • Security & Natural Disaster Evacuation Services
  • Worldwide Destination Intelligence
  • Personal Travel Assistance Services

For students taking prescription medications, we recommend bringing a full term’s supply with them to avoid potential complications in having prescriptions filled overseas. Students traveling with prescription medications will need to carry a photocopy of their prescription in case it is needed. Students suffering from a recurrent or ongoing medical condition should make sure to pack a complete medical record to share with health officials abroad.

Know Before You Go

  • Work with AXA, the assistance service provider, to find names of English speaking psychiatrists, psychologists, or counselors in your host country.
  • Contact your insurance company to get enough of your medication for your entire time abroad. You should not plan on getting prescriptions filled while abroad or having the medication mailed to you.
  • Reach out to AXA about whether your medication is legal in the country you are traveling to.

Please inform the study abroad office if your student needs special accommodations, or must consult a specialist abroad. We need time to work out special arrangements, and in some cases, we will need to determine whether a student’s health needs can be adequately met at their program of choice.

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Office: Humanities 132

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In order to apply, all students must attend a Study Abroad 101 session before the application deadline. The application deadline for all Fall, Spring, and year-long opportunities during academic year 2024-25 is December 6, 2023.

The deadline for opportunities taking place during academic year 2025-26 will be announced during the Spring 2024 semester.

Study Abroad 101