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Newcastle University-Newcastle, England

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Loyola established a relationship with Newcastle University in the late 1990s. We have expanded on this longstanding partnership and opened a dedicated Study Abroad Center in Newcastle. We have a team consisting of a full-time, on-site director and two part time assistants to look after all students studying at the Center, organizing excursions and activities specifically for Loyola Center students throughout each semester. Newcastle University is a large research-intensive university, ranked in the Top 150 in the world.
The Loyola Center at Newcastle is also open to students outside of Loyola from other American institutions. Historically, we have sent 10-15 students each September for the full academic year. We also offer fall and spring semester options to accommodate students whose major does not allow them to go abroad for a year.

Newcastle is regarded as the capital of the North East of England. It is a lively, compact, modern and cosmopolitan city, located beside one of the North's major rivers, the Tyne. Whatever your interests, the city has something to offer you. The city is located 1.5 hours from Edinburgh, Scotland and 3.5 hours from London. Continental Europe can easily be reached by air or rail. 

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Typically sophomores with a minimum cumulative CQPA average of 2.750.
  • Students who can find courses which fit their Loyola program and allow full-time participation and who are neither on disciplinary probation nor have a history of serious disciplinary problems.


  • Consult the Office of International Programs as early as possible to get assistance on course selections at Loyola, so that you are prepared for an academic course load in Newcastle.
  • This program serves students in nearly all majors.
  • Pre-med students can take undergraduate medical classes at Newcastle's Biomed school.
  • Students can partake in research opportunities.  Learn more about the research Faith Paysinger '21 started in Newcastle and is continuing from the U.S.

Disclaimer: In case of strikes or unexpected disruption to the academic semester Loyola University will work with the host university abroad to provide additional support or other academic arrangements to enable students to complete their coursework in agreement with the rules and regulations of the host university and the laws of the host country.  Loyola University Maryland will not makes any changes to its course, grade, or credit transfer policies following such circumstances.

Course Equivalencies

Download the course equivalencies sheet

This is a working list of the course equivalencies for the Newcastle, England program.

The course approvals and equivalencies provided are the most current.  Once accepted to a study abroad program, students will have an academic interview with the appropriate director and will be advised on their course selection.

Please be advised: All students are solely responsible for informing themselves about the status of these courses. Course approvals and equivalencies may change at a moment's notice. This means you should confirm if the following courses are approved, or if the courses have been removed.

If there are other courses you desire to take and they are not on the course equivalency list, you must ensure they are open to Study Abroad students at Newcastle, and get written course approval by the department chair. The courses that you choose should fit into your degree audit and enable you to graduate on time.

Length of Stay

  • This is a fall, spring or one academic year program. The fall term runs mid-September until mid-December while the spring term runs from late January until mid-June. The group departs together in mid- September and is home for Christmas break. The full year students will return in early January and stay through mid-June. Spring semester students will depart together in late January and return in mid-June. There is a month-long spring break in the spring semester.


  • Several apartment complexes are utilized by Loyola students and other international students. They are 15-20 minutes walking distance from each other, and they are on opposite corners of the large campus.
  • All students have their own room and all flats are furnished with a shared lounge and kitchen
  • Flats are self-catered; students are responsible for cooking their own meals
  • Usually there are six to ten students per flat
  • All communal areas are cleaned, although students are responsible for cleaning their own bedrooms
  • The 24-hour University security team provides out-of-hours support for emergencies.


  • Students are eligible for consideration for all forms of federal, state, institutional and private sources of aid, except the federal work-study program. Students studying abroad for a semester or full academic year will forfeit the value of a federal work-study assignment.
  • The cost is equivalent to the tuition, room charge (Ahern), and a reduced comprehensive fee paid to Loyola, plus a program fee each semester.
  • Loyola financial aid applies.

Application Requirements

  • An application must be submitted to the Office of International Programs by the second Wednesday after Thanksgiving break of Sophomore year. The application includes a course planning form which requires a list of the classes the student plans to take in Newcastle.
  • Preference in application consideration goes to full year applicants. All single semester applications, regardless of major, are reviewed equally.
  • An in-person interview with the program coordinator at Loyola University Maryland is also required.

Apply to this Program

*Please keep in mind that study abroad information, dates, benefits, and fees are subject to change without notification. You are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs directly for the most up-to-date information regarding any study abroad programs offered at Loyola.


Contact Us

Phone: 410-617-2910
Office: Humanities 132

Additional contact information


In order to apply, all students must attend a Study Abroad 101 (Powerpoint) session before the application deadline. The application deadline for all Fall, Spring, and year-long opportunities during academic year 2024-25 is December 11, 2024.

The deadline for opportunities taking place during academic year 2025-26 will be announced during the Spring 2024 semester.

Study Abroad 101 (Powerpoint)