What does your future hold? That's for you to decide.

Loyola University Maryland is defined by its mission to actively transform you to learn, lead, and serve in today’s diverse and ever-changing world.

We believe the time-tested Jesuit approach to living and learning is the strongest anchor and your most accurate compass for the future. And Loyola is built to provide each student everything a Jesuit education can and should be: your mind expanded, your values deepened, your community broadened, your spirit lifted, your horizons widened.

At Loyola, you will embrace new perspectives. Shatter your preconceptions. Find your joy. Divine your truths. So that when you graduate, you’ll be ready. Ready to meet the complex demands of today. To anticipate and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. To forge and sustain a successful career that’s true to who you are. To build a life you love—and create the world you imagine.


... the distinctive character of Loyola University Maryland, the qualities that define us, and what it means to be a Greyhound