Anticipation. That’s the pulse beating through the heart of Baltimore. Loyola residents and eager newcomers alike are looking toward the future with optimism, excitement, curiosity, and determination.

A burgeoning technology sector. Second to none in biohealth. An expanding culinary and cultural scene. Growing, affordable neighborhoods ideal for young families and professionals. Fertile ground to start a business—at a low relative cost.

Mix in the region’s excellent job prospects, and it’s easy to see why college-educated millennials have been streaming into the city at record pace for the past two decades.

The rich soil of Baltimore has been tilled, and it’s ready for the innovative ideas and passionate action of Loyola students and graduates.

Where in the world is Baltimore?

  • 45 minutes from Washington, D.C.
  • 1.5 hours from Philadelphia
  • 2.5 hours from beaches
  • 3 hours from New York City

Charm City. The City that Reads. Crab Cake Capital of the World. Baltimore has countless nicknames because it has endless character.

As any Greyhound will tell you, Loyola is just one reason to fall in love with Baltimore.

The table is set. What will you bring to it?

  • Create

    Baltimore is a city defined by big dreams and bold action. A veritable mecca of arts, design, and technology, you'll find plenty of opportunities—and places—to concept, create, design, and execute. Here you’ll also have the chance to meet other innovators, form partnerships, and get inspired to push your vision even further.

  • Connect

    Whether you’ve been called to a service-oriented vocation or hope to make service an integral part of your life, in Baltimore you can make a difference in others’ lives while learning firsthand about the concerns of diverse populations. Immerse yourself in the issues you’re most passionate about and prepare for a lifetime of advocacy and action.

  • Innovate

    This booming business environment is perfect for entrepreneurs who are eager to make their mark in a growing industry—or to strike out on their own. Baltimore companies on the rise include software developers, cloud hosting services, and marketing firms. Baltimore is also home to a number of business incubators, such as Betamore and ETC Baltimore.

  • Thrive

    Accounting, finance, law, medicine, health care, media. Baltimore’s momentum and energy make it a promising market for students and graduates looking to establish professions. And Baltimore’s diversity will help ensure that you can apply your professional skills to in the service of clients and causes you are particularly passionate about.