Life at Loyola

Theaters, art galleries, and sports arenas. A library, bookstore, and state-of-the-art health center. Places of worship. Great places to eat. Our own radio station, literary journal, publishing house, and student newspaper.

The Loyola campus is like a city within a city. You’ll belong to a community that’s big enough to challenge and inspire you, yet small enough for you to feel connected, supported, and valued. It’s no wonder that 81% of undergraduates choose to live on campus throughout their four years at Loyola.

Unlike many urban campuses, Loyola's campus occupies the best of two worlds: Our beautiful wooded Evergreen campus is distinct from the surrounding city, yet intimately connected to the diverse and quirky metropolis we call home. Loyola's campus was also recently ranked the safest college campus in Maryland.

You’ll draw inspiration and knowledge from Baltimore’s unique culture, history, people, neighborhoods, and institutions—and discover ways to make your own mark on a city you’ll quickly come to love.

A life inspired

Your immersion in our diverse campus community will be one of the most transformative aspects of your life at Loyola. You’ll meet and befriend people with backgrounds, interests, talents, and dreams that are vastly different from your own. This environment will sometimes be challenging—but it will also be life-changing. You’ll see the world in a new light, reconsider your own perspectives, and learn just as much from your peers and professors as you do from your studies.