Loyola University Maryland

Honors Program

Perks of Being an Honors Student

  • Small, advanced seminars with enthusiastic and engaged students and professors
  • Extracurricular dinners and activities for most classes
  • Fall Honors Banquet
  • Fall trip to NYC
  • Honors Christmas Party
  • Spring trip
  • Spring BBQ
  • Priority housing in Flannery O’Connor, if desired
  • Funding for trips to conferences, archives, and the like (application required; competitive)
  • First-come, first-served tickets to BSO concerts and Center Stage plays
  • Swipe access to the Honors Lounge and the Honors Seminar Room for meetings and study
  • Free printing from three computers in the Honors Lounge
  • Early move-in for first-years and their mentors
  • Friends for life (that’s what students and alumns tell us)