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Modern Languages & Literatures

Dr. Jinghua Wangling

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Assistant Professor of Chinese

Dr. Jinghua Wangling410-617-2795
Maryland Hall 463


  • Harvard University, PhD  (Pre-Modern Chinese Literature) 
  • Fudan University, BA (Chinese Literature)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Early and Medieval Chinese Literature
  • Classical Chinese Poetry
  • Chinese Language

Recent Courses Taught at Loyola University Maryland

Courses taught in Chinese:

  • CI101 Chinese I
  • CI102 Chinese II
  • CI103 Chinese III

Courses taught in English:

  • ML 310D Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture
  • ML 306D Modern Film and Classical Chinese Tales

Lectures and Presentations

Presentations at Scholarly Conferences (Recent and upcoming)

  • March 2011. “Commercialization and Professionalization: Poetic Capital in Ninth-Century Chinese Entertainment Culture.” The 221st Meeting of the American Oriental Society, Chicago, IL.
  • October 2009. “The Speaker and the Protagonist: A Tentative Approach to Analyze the Definiteness and Indefiniteness of Li Shangyin’s Poetry.” The 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society Western Branch, University of California, Los Angeles, CA.
  • May 2009. “The Shaping of Du Mu’s Fengliu Poetic Personality in the Ninth Century.” T’ang Studies: The Next Twenty-five Years, University of Albany, Albany, NY.
  • March 2009. “To Be a Fengliu Poet in Ninth-Century China.” The 219th Meeting of the American Oriental Society, Albuquerque, NM.
  • October 2007. “Poet-Lovers: Ninth-Century Poetry on Entertainers.” The 2007 Annual Conference of the New England Association for Asian Studies, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.

Service, Activities, and Memberships in Academic Societies

Service: College Activities (Representative assignments)

  • Coordinator of Chinese language courses (Fall 2009-)
  • Faculty Moderator of the Chinese Club (Fall 2009-)
  • Department contact for Loyola’s study abroad program in Beijing (Fall 2009-)
  • Asian Studies Minor Committee (Fall 2009-)
  • Film Studies Minor Committee (Fall 2010-)
  • College Board on Discipline Committee (Fall 2010-)
  •  Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Committee (Spring 2012-)

Memberships in Academic Societies

  • AAS (The Association for Asian Studies) 
  • AOS (American Oriental Society)
  • T’ang Studies Society



  •  “The Speaker and the Protagonist: A New Approach to Li Shangyin’s Poetry” 說話者與主人公:李商隱詩歌解析方法新探. Journal of Capital Normal University (Social Sciences Edition) 首都師範大學學報 (社會科學版), 2011.10 (no. 5): 63-70.
  • “Always Expressed Indirectly? Li Shangyin’s Poetry about Women and Love” 楚雨含情皆有託?——李商隱女性愛情詩新探. Sinology Studies 中國學研究14 (2011.8): 88-95.


  • Singing Lips in Observation: Nineth-Century Chinese Poetry on Female Entertainers. Ph.D.
    Dissertation (Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations).  Cambridge: Harvard University, 2009.

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