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ALANA Services supports the initiatives of ethnic clubs at Loyola. ALANA clubs sponsor numerous social events, lectures and off-campus trips that promote cultural awareness, community outreach, leadership and unity among Loyola students.

Here are current ALANA organizations and their goals:

African Student Association


The ASU serves to integrate and foster the unity of students from different African cultures. It sees itself as the support and resource group for any African student at Loyola. It presents students with prominent issues in Africa and encourages them to partake in events/activities that occur in the African communities at Loyola and in neighboring areas. The ASU outreaches to the larger campus community and strives to educate those interested in joining the club about African culture, history, and experience at Loyola.

Asian Cultural Alliance


The Asian Cultural Alliance strives to connect with the campus based on an interest in the many forms of Asian culture. In pursuing this mission, we will deliver valuable experiences based upon traditions, culture, food and other aspects of Asian culture; educating and making known the intricate aspects of Asian life; dismissing stereotypes that people may have about Asian people; spreading diversity; and gathering those who are interested to learn and discuss current issues and attitudes either related or unrelated to Asia.

Black Student Association


The Black Student Association's (BSA) mission is to promote awareness and celebrate Black culture through service projects, educational programs, social inclusiveness, and self exploration while upholding the spirit of the Jesuit ideals.

Caribbean Students Union


The Caribbean Students Union's mission is to facilitate awareness of the Caribbean culture among Loyola's student community. It strives to provide an environment conducive to discussion and exploration of the Caribbean and its impact on our society.

Diversity Peer Educators


Diversity Peer Educators is one of five peer educator programs sponsored by Loyola. ALANA Services moderates the Diversity Peer Educators, which addresses issues related to diversity and multiculturalism such as race, gender, sexual preference, and physical and mental disabilities. The program promotes diversity education and awareness through discussion, film presentations and programs.

Association of Latin American & Spanish students (ALAS)


ALAS's mission is to aid in the effort of promoting multi-cultural awareness, especially of Latin American and Hispanic cultures, within the Loyola community.

Native American Student Association (NASA)


The Native American Students Association (NASA) aims to create a supportive space for the unique challenges faced by Native American, American Indian, Hawaiian Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native students at the college level.  The goal is to help improve academic success and individual growth among students who identify in these ethnic groups as well as informing the student body of this influential ethnic group. NASA ultimately intends to promote unity, diversity and cooperation among the Loyola University Maryland community while upholding its strong Jesuit tradition and values.