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Additional Tutoring Sites

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Student-athletes, here are some additional tutoring resources on campus available to you (these do not count towards your study hall hours):

Tri Beta Biology Tutoring in the Biology Student Study Lounge (DS257)

6-8 pm Tutoring Sessions Tuesday

2/9: Organismal: Invertebrates/Vertebrates/Intro to Animal Diversity, Intro to Cell & Molec: Cell Membrane

2/16: Organismal: Exam 1, Intro to Cell & Molec: Exam 1

2/23: Organismal:Angiosperm Reproduction, Plant Structure/Growth/Develop.

3/8: Organismal:Animal form and function/Plant responses

3/15: Organismal:Animal Function/Nutrition, Intro to Cell & Molec: Mitosis

3/22: Organismal: Exam 2, Intro to Cell & Molec: Exam 2

4/26: Intro to Cell & Molec: Viruses/Biotech/Genomes and Evolution

6-8 pm Tutoring Sessions Thursday

2/25: Intro to Cell & Molec: Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration

3/10: Intro to Cell & Molec: Cellular Communication

3/31: Organismal: Animal Circulation/Immune System/Osmoregulation, Intro to Cell & Molec: Molecular Basis of Inheritance

4/7: Organismal: Animal Hormones, Intro to Cell & Molec: Regulation of gene expression/Gene to Protein

4/14: Organismal: Animal Reproduction/Development, Intro to Cell & Molec: Cancer and Exam 3

4/21: Organismal: Exam 3

Math/Statistics Tutoring in Knott Hall 303

6-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Beta Alpha Psi Tutoring (Accounting)

Mondays: 6-10pm Maryland Hall 241

Tuesdays: 6-10pm Sellinger Hall 107

Wednesdays: 6-10pm Maryland Hall 344