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Loyola Room Selection Process

Please read this information carefully, even if you have gone through this process before, as we revise the process every year.  It is important that you complete the phases below by the deadlines if you want to live in Loyola housing. We provide housing on a space available basis. It is important for you to check your Loyola e-mail as we will communicate specific instructions for each class year in this manner.

Specific information on each year's process is updated early in the spring semester.

Phase One: Intent

All students [with the exception of those that are graduating in May] need to complete this phase. You will need to log in to your Inside Loyola account and select RoomRez Housing Portal, located under Quick Links.  During this phase, you will declare your intent for the academic year, update your home and emergency contact information and select your meal plan. You will then be prompted to “sign” or agree to the housing contract if you want to live in Loyola housing.  If you are considering living off campus and have questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Conduct. If you are considering transferring and have questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life for Housing Operations.

Phase Two: Roommate Group Formation/Verification

During this phase, you will need to form a roommate group.  Each group will designate a group leader to create the group, and assign a username and password for the group.  Once this is done, the group leader will then assign students to the group or give the group members the username and password so they may join the group themselves.  Groups must be comprised of 2, 4, 6, or 8 individuals in order to be complete.  Incomplete groups will not be permitted to participate in room selection.  The group leader must be the one to choose the room during the assigned time slot. Once the group is complete, the group leader will need to log in and verify the group.

Phase Three:

Housing Deposit Due

A deposit of $600 [$300 for tuition and $300 for housing] is required for all students who want to return to on campus housing. This deposit is paid to Student Administrative Services. The deposit is non-refundable. 

Lottery Times Assigned

All roommate groups will be assigned a time for room selection and will get an e-mail with the group's assigned room selection time and directions on what to expect when the process begins.  Much like registration for class, you will not have access to the room selection process until your scheduled time.

Phase Four: Explore Housing Options

This is your chance to see all of the housing options for the upcoming academic year.

Phase Five: Room Selection

Room selection is done through an on-line process.

  • Rising seniors will select first.
  • Rising juniors will select next.
  • Finally, rising sophomores will select.