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Loyola University Maryland Students walking on campus

Student Conduct Updates

To report a violation of Loyola University Maryland policies, please submit this reporting form.

If you are involved in a student conduct process and have questions about having a remote meeting, please reach out to us at

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for administering the student conduct process. The student conduct process is established as a primarily educational process by which students are provided with feedback about insensitive and harmful behaviors in which they may engage, and with opportunities and, in most cases, assistance to modify behaviors. Through the conduct process, students who violate the codes come to learn the importance of accepting personal responsibility for behavior that violates community standards. Being a member of the Loyola community is a privilege that carries with it responsibility for the well-being of all other members of the community.

Guided by the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, which underscores the value placed on the God-given dignity of every human person, Loyola University Maryland places in highest regard the establishment and maintenance of a campus environment of interpersonal care and personal responsibility. Only when such a community exists can the University fulfill its goal to ensure the intellectual, ethical, social, and spiritual development, or formation, of its students.

A caring university community can exist only when all of its members commit themselves to this purpose. Honesty, integrity, and taking responsibility for the welfare of self and others are characteristics of such a community. Loyola University Maryland, therefore, sets high expectations of its students, as well as its faculty, administrators, and staff, for conduct that supports the maintenance of a caring community.

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The Office of Student Conduct, with campus partners, supports the Division for Student Development mission to create an inclusive community that facilitates and enhances student learning and development. We engage with students who have caused harm and individuals who have experienced harm in the Loyola and Baltimore community. We guide students who have violated community standards and students who participate in our process, through discernment and action, to understand, accept responsibility for, and repair the harm they caused, and to explore ways to prevent future harms. In fully engaging with the Loyola community through outreach that promotes prosocial behavior, and by focusing on the whole person when guiding students through our processes, we work to restore and sustain our community so that our students can thrive within the Jesuit educational tradition.