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Impact Statements

At the discretion of the Director of Student Conduct or designee, Loyola community members affected by another community member’s alleged policy violation may submit a written impact statement. The impact statement is due prior to the start of the hearing in a signed, sealed envelope given to the panel chair. The impact statement may include a description of the impact the behavior had on the individual who was harmed, a description of what has been the hardest part of the incident, and a description of what can be done to address the harm and rebuild trust. If the respondent admits responsibility for all charges, the impact statement may be discussed with the respondent before a finding and sanctions are determined. If the respondent denies responsibility for any of the charges, the impact statement is reviewed by the hearing panel only if a determination of responsibility is made and before a sanction is determined. If an impact statement was submitted and reviewed by the hearing panel, a copy may be provided to the respondent with the decision letter. In cases adjudicated under Section 21. Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct and 32. Bias Related Behaviors Policy, complainants have the right to submit a written impact statement and that statement will be reviewed as defined in those policies.