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Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

University Hearing Officers

There are staff and administrators across the University and within the Division for Student Development who serve as hearing officers. These professionals are trained in student conduct adjudication by the Director of Student Conduct and Assistant Director of Student Conduct or designee.  If you are interested in serving as a University Hearing Officer, please email

University Board on Discipline

The University Board on Discipline serves as the appeal board for serious cases involving suspension from the residence halls or suspension or expulsion from the University or other cases as designated by the Director of Student Conduct. The board is comprised of one faculty member, one student, and one administrator; provided, however, that for appeals in sexual misconduct cases, the board is comprised of at least one faculty member and up to two administrators. If you are interested in serving on the University Board on Discipline, please email

Student Conduct Mentor

Occasionally, students will be assigned a sanction of mentoring with an administrator, staff, or faculty member.  Mentoring usually lasts 3 sessions and is designed as a way to get students connected to a community member to be a support in the student’s learning and development. The purpose, focus, and requirements of the meeting(s) will be facilitated by the mentor.  If you are interested in being a mentor, please email