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Tenant and Landlord Relations

Living off-campus comes with some freedoms, but it also comes with an increase in responsibilities. To help you sort through these responsibilities with your roommates, utilize this Off-Campus Roommate Agreement and follow the tips below!

Neighborhood Relations

  • Introduce yourself! Let your neighbors know you are respectful and willing to work together to maintain relations.
  • Notify your neighbors when you are thinking about having a party.
  • Follow trash/recycling guidelines.
  • Keep your property clean. Mow your lawn, rake your leaves, etc.
  • Learn your town ordinances and your legal responsibilities as a tenant in the community.
  • Keep the noise level down. Your neighbors may have small children that go to bed early. Just as we wish our neighbors to be quiet in the morning, when we have the opportunity to sleep in, we need to respect our neighbors too.
  • Respect neighborhood parking regulations.
  • Take responsibility for your guests and their behavior.
  • Become an involved member of your community.

Tenant & Landlord Relations

As a tenant, you must do your part to maintain landlord/tenant relations. There are certain responsibilities that you are required to uphold. If you are having problems with your landlord, and he or she may not be providing their promised services, call the Tenant/Landlord Relations Hotline at 410-243-6007 or 1-800-487-6007 to receive assistance. This brochure also has great resources and referrals.

Landlord Responsibilities

  • Provides facilities for hot water, heat, gas, ad electricity (unless otherwise specified in lease).
  • Provides receipts for rent payments and security deposits, dated and signed, when requested.
  • Avoids interference with tenant's quiet enjoyment of the premises provided the premises are used lawfully.
  • Puts security deposits in a separate bank account and promptly returns the deposit, with interest, at the appropriate time.
  • Premises must have a warrant of habitability (approved for occupation).

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Pay rent and a security deposit.
  • Avoid damaging the premises.
  • Inform the landlord when repairs are needed. Avoid conflict with neighbors' environment and living conditions. Inform the landlord in writing when you plan to move out (one or two-month notice).
  • Research and potentially obtain renter’s insurance. US News & World Reports Best Homeowners Insurance Companies is a completely free, independent, unbiased review of over 100 companies and their insurance policies. Renter’s insurance is important because it can protect you in the event that your personal belongings are damaged or destroyed.