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Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct

The Office of Student Conduct works in conjunction with the Title IX Deputy for Students to review sexual and gender-based misconduct reports, and facilitates the subsequent student conduct process. Please visit Loyola’s Title IX website for information on sexual and gender-based misconduct reporting, awareness, and resources.

Loyola does not tolerate any kind of gender-based discrimination or harassment, which includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, sexual harassment and gender-based harassment. Anyone who believes they have been victim of sexual assault, dating violence, relationship violence, sexual exploitation, stalking, sexual harassment, or gender-based discrimination is encouraged to report these incidents through the secure online reporting form found on Loyola’s Title IX website.

Policy and Procedures

Please consult the "6. Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy" section of the Student Code of Conduct of the Loyola University Maryland Community Standards (PDF), for information on that policy as well as the procedures for adjudicating sexual and gender-based misconduct.

Student Resources