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Responsible Action Protocol

The Responsible Action Protocol (RAP) serves to promote an atmosphere of safety, community, and healthy education at Loyola University Maryland. This protocol, which has been recommended by the Student Government Association, will consider help-seeking behavior regarding alcohol emergencies as a health and safety matter rather than a conduct matter. 

Subject to the noted exceptions below, a student who calls for the assistance of a University staff member such as Campus Police, a Resident Assistant, or any staff member of the Office of Residence Life & Housing in the event of an alcohol emergency involving that student or someone else will not receive standard sanction(s) related to their own violation of the Community Standards regarding intoxication. In the case where the RAP has been implemented, students may be required to complete certain educational components, such as alcohol and/or drug education and/or an educational conference. 

However, if the student who makes the call is found responsible for other violations such as acting as a social host or providing alcohol to an individual under the age of 21, the standard sanctions may apply. 

Students who are witnesses or otherwise involved in sexual misconduct cases are able to receive amnesty per the sexual misconduct policy. 

Students who are on disciplinary probation or deferred suspension at the time of the incident are not covered by the RAP; however, the conduct process will take into consideration the care for others demonstrated by the responsible action.

If you feel as though your case qualifies for RAP, you may speak with your hearing officer, or send an email to