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Student Conduct Process

A meeting with a student as part of the student conduct processAny member of the Loyola University community may file a complaint with the Office of Residence Life & Housing, Office of Student Conduct, or Public Safety. As part of their daily responsibilities, campus police officers and Residence Life & Housing staff may submit reports of violations. If a Residence Life & Housing staff member (usually an RA or GRC) or a campus police officer confronts a student, the student can contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life & Housing of that area or the Director of Student Conduct the next workday. Once a complaint is filed, the Director of Student Conduct, or their designee, reviews the reports and determines whether the report identifies violations of the Student Code of Conduct. If so, the students involved are notified of the alleged violations and the subsequent hearing process. 

The following resources provide further information regarding the student conduct process: