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Interdisciplinary Major in Biology/Chemistry (Biochemistry)


The boundary separating biology and chemistry has blurred in recent years as chemical principles are increasingly used to characterize biological processes. Jointly offered by Loyola's biology and chemistry departments, this interdisciplinary major provides students with a thorough understanding of the life sciences from a molecular point of view.

The curriculum offers students excellent preparation for careers in medicine and other health-related professions, as well as for careers in science related areas such as the biotechnology industry. It is also an excellent foundation for graduate studies in biochemistry, molecular or cell biology.

Students should declare this major by the end of their freshman year.

Other Interdisciplinary Majors


Interdisciplinary majors allow students to combine interests in two different disciplines. This enables students to individualize their curriculum and helps to prepare them for our interdisciplinary world. Disciplines combined with biology in this way include communications, computer science, mathematical sciences, philosophy, political science and psychology. It is possible, however, to combine biology with many other disciplines. The general biology requirements for an interdisciplinary major (unless specified by targeted programs) are as follows:

  • BL118/BL119, BL121/BL126, BL201/BL202
  • Four biology electives (200-level or higher), at least three with an associated lab or seminar
  • Two courses from either chemistry, physics, mathematical sciences or computer science

Pre-Health Fields


Students interested in a career in health fields such as medical, veterinary or dental should visit the Pre-Health website.