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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Liberal Studies
at Loyola University Maryland!

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What exactly is Liberal Studies and who pursues this degree?

Loyola's graduate program in liberal studies (M.A.L.S.) prepares students with a broad spectrum of interests and experience to engage with the critical issues in society today.

Our students enter into an intellectual dialogue with professors from a wide variety of fields who are first and foremost passionate about what they teach. The program offers courses linked to each other by the liberal-arts tradition of intellectual rigor and eloquence of expression which is the hallmark of a Jesuit education.

The program seeks to “liberate” in the classic sense of that term, delivering a rich and satisfying intellectual experience in an environment which respects a broad spectrum of cultural traditions and perspectives. At the heart of Graduate Liberal Studies is the commitment to better understand the world as well as the place each of us has within it, driven by an acute recognition of, and respect for, the profound diversity of human character and human experience. Liberal Studies at Loyola strives to make a difference in students’ lives, so that they in turn can make a real difference in their offices, in their classrooms, in their communities, and in their world. 

What topics will I study?

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The subject matter of liberal studies is the broad spectrum of human experience, particularly the American experience as well as the roots of that experience as we discover them in other times and cultures. Loyola’s Masters of Art in Liberal Studies consists of twelve courses (thirty-six credits). Once the required foundations course has been completed, students are free to craft their own direction of study with few constraints and to pick from a wide variety of courses. Up to six graduate credits earned outside of the University can be applied toward the degree, and additional courses may be taken outside of the Liberal Studies department. Students also have the option of planning and completing an independent piece of scholarly work.

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