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Independent Study

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Special study courses are courses that permit a student to study a subject or topic in considerable depth beyond the scope of a regular course. The student works closely and directly with the instructor as a scholarly team meeting a minimum of one hour each week for the duration of the semester. Special studies are designated to provide such an opportunity, as students may complete advanced study in an area of psychology not available through the current psychology curriculum. Approval of a special study course is granted only under special circumstances and only when an instructor/faculty member is willing to grant approval. The format of the course may vary (e.g., laboratory research, specialized study of a particular topic, etc.), but this type of course allows the students to work closely and directly with the instructor.

Registration Process

Registration for special study courses requires the student to follow the process outlined in the link below. This process must be completed no later than the student's regularly scheduled registration. This will take time, so one should begin exploring the possibility of an independent study early (i.e., at least three weeks prior to registration). Special study courses include PY704: Special Topics in Clincial Psychology or PY740: Special Topics in Counseling Psychology.

Learn more about the special study registration process.