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Sociology Department Group Portrait
Top (L-R): Antonia Keane, Lovell Smith, Jay Ryu (retired), Barbara Vann, and Amanda Konradi
Bottom (L-R): Michael Burton (retired), Mark Peyrot

Sociology explores relationships between people as they participate in interactions in groups ranging in size and intimacy, from dyads, to families, organizations, communities, and even nations. It incorporates the dual traditions of the humanities and natural sciences in an effort to describe, understand, and explain human social behavior.

An undergraduate sociology major provides valuable insights into social factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, and social class that affect work and how organizations operate. Developing a sociological perspective is advantageous for working in today's multiethnic and multinational business environment. Thus, a degree in sociology is an excellent springboard for entering the world of business, industry, and nonprofit organizations. Our majors can be found working in fields including law, business, medicine, teaching, government, non-profit organizations, and social work. 

As a major, you will learn to apply basic sociological research techniques and skills. The department offers student internships and research opportunities through yearly sociology and social work practicum experiences; thus, you will have a chance to apply your learning and test out a field that interests you with professional guidance. Recent internships include placement with the court system, social service agencies, rehabilitation organizations, and other local non-profits, which our graduates have found useful in a variety of career tracks.

A distinct benefit of a degree in sociology is that the most important problems of the 21st century will be social: how to avoid war, advance democracy, fight poverty and crime, treat substance abuse, and minimize environmental destruction. Loyola sociologists will be on the forefront in the search for answers.

Department News

Mark Peyrot was elected Department Chair.

Michelle Gawerc was given a "Strong Truths Well Lived" award by the Green and Grey Society spring 2013. This award recognizes unsung members of the Loyola community who live as leaders without recognition.

Joshua Hendrick's book Gulen: The Ambitious Politics of Market Islam in Turkey and the World will be published by the New York University Press in August 2013.

Barbara Vann is on leave for 2013-2014.