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Writing Department

Student Opportunities

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Learn more about the opportunities for writing majors and minors to get involved and gain valuable experience:

Other services for students include:

  • Student Writers' Workshop (also known as the Greyhound Rising Poetry Collective), offering students a dedicated group of writers who meet outside of class to share and discuss their poems, stories, plays, and essays. This organization is run for and by students.
  • The Writing Center, an excellent resource for students seeking help with their writing and for students who are interested in teaching, tutoring, and the field of composition/rhetoric.

This link will take you to the Journals and Conferences page of the Association of Undergraduate Rhetoric and Writing Studies Majors.

Here are pictures from our first annual Halloween party.

Picture of three writing students at halloween party

Picture of students and faculty at Halloween party

Below, students enjoy pizza at one of the department's many social events.

Writing students enjoy pizza at a department gathering