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Dear Ms. Townsend,

Our daughter, M., received speech therapy for articulation at the Belvedere Square location this past summer and through the middle of November. She has made remarkable progress and is now speaking so clearly that we no longer have any trouble understanding her. This progress is due to the dedication and hard work of her graduate student clinicians. I was greatly impressed with their efforts to build rapport with M., including how she incorporated some of M.'s favorite activities into the sessions. The graduate students' exceptional communicative and interactive skills made the sessions both instructional and fun at the same time. M. always looked forward to attending therapy and was motivated to practice at home.

We were very fortunate that M.'s graduate student clinicians were under the supervision of a speech-language pathology supervising faculty member who provided a seamless transition between the two. She took the time to speak with me on several occasions, gathering information to help her plan M's therapy and also providing me with very helpful and creative tips for reinforcing the gains that M made at home. Her comments about M were detailed and insightful, showing her keen interest in my daughter as a person as well as a patient. I also appreciated her constant encouragement and upbeat attitude.

We are very grateful for all of the help that we received at the Loyola Clinical Centers and for the significant change that it has made in the life of our daughter. We thank you for accepting us into the program and for giving us the opportunity to work with such exceptional and dedicated clinicians.

M's mom

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Listen to a father talk about how speech therapy at the LCC helped his school-aged son improve his articulation.

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