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Class of 2013
Amanda Hale
Too many people have noticed that the voice that comes out of this little Belle is fifty times stronger than what one would expect. Amanda, a senior in her final year of Belles, is like a secret weapon. We like to draw people in with her beauty and charm and then blast them away with her extraordinary vocal power. Has this happened to you? Can’t say we’re sorry. For as long as we have her, we will be putting this bella on display. She never fails to impress us, nor does she ever fail to make us smile. Definitely a necessary combination.
Claire Tomes
Claire is a senior in her last year of Belles. She has a double major in coffee and triple shots of espresso. If you think I’m kidding, you have not yet met this caffeinated chorister. Besides her unique-to-the-point-of-inhuman ability to consume venti black eye iced coffees as though it were her only form of sustenance, she also has one of the most uniquely beautiful voices your ears may ever encounter. She left us utterly speechless with her stunning performance of Lady G in the Fall ;) . Also breathtaking is her ability to write songs outside of Belles – such as her famous “Coffee and Oreos”. The introduction of this song (and this food combination) help most of us get through finals, which like to sneak up on us every semester immediately following Chordbusters! Can’t imagine where we’d be without her help.
Rachel Williams
Rachel has a story unlike any other Belle. She entered midway through one of the most intense years in Belles history and we were SO lucky because she dove right in and covered up some holes we needed to fill. She continues to be a fantastic addition to the group. Actually, when she tried out, she was apparently fighting a stomach bug and we had STILL never heard pipes quite like hers. Maybe you’ve heard her sing? Her blending is top notch, but her solo voice stands out like a shark in the water - - get it? Watch out for her, if you listen too long, you might never want to leave her side. We don’t!
Class of 2014
Kait Connelly
Kait may have knocked you over with her extremely powerful voice in the past, but don’t worry, she’s really a nice girl on the inside. Her voice is to her like fire is to a dragon – a mostly non-ferocious dragon. At our spring concert, she warned us all that it was “gonna start raining men”, but I have a feeling her message may have been heard by everyone on campus! Never have I heard a more effortless belting of some of music’s toughest tunes. She has opened our minds to song ideas that we may not have considered in the past, and that is not an easy feat. This year will be her third, and we hope that by the end of this year, we will have figured out how to channel and convert some of the power that escapes from her lungs into energy that can be used to heat the Belles practice room until the end of time.
Lily Donatelli
It’s been a long time since the Belles have been graced with the presence of such a wonderful bundle of energy as Lily. She radiates good vibes at all moments of the day, but never so much as when she’s on stage doing what she loves the most! She’s the kind of belle who brings only her positive attitude to practice (not to mention, the cutest clothes in world history). You might catch her around campus ballin’ like a G, but be sure to check her out at Chordbusters as well! Her mellifluous voice can bring a dead song to life – really, it’s happened (with Natalie’s help). Never in my teenage dreams did I imagine that would be possible.
Natalie McQuiston
Natalie is our other breathtaking high-note-singing angel. I don’t know if there are ledger lines that extend as far as her high-reaching vocals can. She dabbles in other choirs and that is what gives Natalie her unique style of singing. She’s classically trained, classily dressed, and brings to the Belles an overall sense of classiness - of which we possibly need more. Her pipes sound like they’re crystal clear, which are a perfect match for her vision for the group! Her ideas in practice prove her infallible dedication to us, as individuals, and our sound on the whole.
Hayley Mercer
Watch out for this one – really. She sings (duh!), she dances, she can lead countless outdoor activities, and she does marksmanship. Versatile enough? I think so. Not only does she do each of these, but she actually has a knack for all of them, and the way it seems, she won’t stop until she’s on top! What’s that mean for the group? It means we have a lot to look forward to. With only one year under her belt, Hayley is not afraid to lead with grace whenever opportunity calls. (Why does opportunity always knock?). Either way, the bass section just wouldn’t be the same without this multi-talented initiative-taking wiener. I mean winner.
Allison Nuara
Or is it Lily? No, it’s definitely Allison. I think. Hmmm… no, definitely Allison. I can tell because she’s the one who fearlessly stepped up to the mic and rocked “Uncharted” in the spring. Definitely Allison. Allison shows her true colors at practice and around campus. Constantly laughing, sassing, and being laughed “with”, it is impossible not to enjoy yourself around this enchanting bella. She once mentioned that she doesn’t really get nervous for performances… can you imagine that? But, really, it’s not surprising with the way Allison puts everything out on the table - most notably her big heart and her incredible talent.


Tori Osborne

Class of 2015


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